Students helping students – at GHESKIO’s school

Prince Albert II School at GHESKIO recently celebrated its 10th year, serving over 350 primary school students annually.  Despite the challenges facing Haiti, our school, also known as EPAM, has remained open for our students. 

GHESKIO, unexpectedly received a letter from the Direction de la Coopération Internationale, informing us of a partnership they created with the Charles III College of Monaco. 

The students from the college raised over 7,000 euros for GHESKIO’s school. This amount will finance almost all the educational materials requested for the school year and includes computer equipment, school supplies, and sports equipment! 

GHESKIO and our students are very grateful to Charles III College of Monaco’s students who have reached across the ocean to support our Prince Albert II School students at GHESKIO. 

This student-to-student collaboration can be replicated almost anywhere!  If your child’s school would like to participate and raise money from student to student, please contact Scott Morgan at Scott@hgha.org to learn more. 

If you wish to support our school directly, you can donate here. 

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