GHESKIO'S Rapid Response to Haiti's Humanitarian Crisis

CRISIS FACTS as of July 15, 2024

  • There are over 600,000 displaced persons, including 310,000 women and 180,000 children, which represents a 60% increase (since March 2024) that are now spread throughout 112 refugee camps in Port au Prince.
  • Despite the arrival of the Kenya-led security force in Haiti, gangs continue spread misery and despair while controlling more than 80% of the capital.
  • Sexual violence against women and girls in IDP sites is surging as gangs use rape as a weapon of terror. In addition, gangs kidnaping for ransoms is rampant.
  • Nearly half the population suffers from severe food insecurity, with 18 percent in a state of emergency.
  • The closure of nearly 900 schools has affected almost 200,000 children.
  • The resurgence of cholera and tuberculosis, compounded by fuel shortages, has strained the health system to the brink of collapse.
  • The recently installed transitional presidential council is still seeking for the support of key sectors in Haitian society.


This past week GHESKIO’s Prince Albert II of Monaco School (grades 1-9) hosted their fourteenth graduation ceremonies for 240 students. Some of the students are living in refugee camps and others live in slums that face the highest threat of violence. Over 70% of schools remain closed, but thanks to the commitment of parents and teachers and support from our HGHA team, we were able to relocate the school to a safer environment and keep it operational. The school installed DETERMINATION as the theme and collectively, everyone endured extended travel distances to attend school. We developed an e-learning component, purchasing new educational materials, hired psychologists, and successfully maintained the exacting standards of our curriculum despite this devastating humanitarian crisis.


Your donation helps us provide healthcare services, treatment of malnutrition, medicine for infectious diseases, nutritional support, hygiene, laundry, and clean water.

“28% of Haiti’s population are adolescents and the average age of gang members is 16 – 22 years old, many who are reluctant members that face life-threatening repercussions if they don’t join. We believe offering our youth a quality education will give them a chance to find alternative solutions and a path to a better life. We create hope when there is no hope.”

Dr. Jean William Pape, Founder & Executive Director of GHESKIO

“Investing in keeping our school open and delivering free education for opportunities, alternatives and hope has been an essential part of our mission for the RRP. We are making every effort to protect our youth from the very insecure and volatile environment created by the gangs. It’s a going to be a lengthy process that requires support for our teachers, parent association, families, and team of psychologists to develop tools to identify the severity of trauma and provide children with coping mechanisms and assistance with PTSD.”

Dr. Marie-Marcelle Deschamps, Deputy Executive Director

Dr. Deschamps from GHESKIO comforts an aging woman.
Dr. Deschamps from GHESKIO comforts an aging woman.
Staff from GHESKIO discussing plans for the camp.
Staff from GHESKIO discussing plans for the camp.
Working with people living in the camp.
Working with people living in the camp.

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For 40 years, GHESKIO's three-part mission of treatment, research and training has been a steadfast beacon of hope and health. Despite innumerable challenges, GHESKIO has never closed its doors.

  • Our modern clinics deliver treatment that save lives.
  • Our groundbreaking research leads to treatment that saves lives in Haiti and influences treatment guidelines around the world.
  • Our training leverages our experience to deliver hope to even more of the most vulnerable.
  • Our social services provide pathways out of poverty

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