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One doctor’s decades-long fight to heal Haiti.

Improving Health
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The Haitian Global Health Alliance’s purpose is to support GHESKIO, a world-class research, treatment, and training facility in Haiti.
GHESKIO has over 100,000 visits annually for voluntary counseling and HIV testing.
GHESKIO is the largest TB center in Haiti which diagnosed approximately 3,000 patients in 2017.
GHESKIO has provided HIV treatment and other adolescent-specific services for over 25,000 adolescents.


"The community knows us for the last 33 years. They know it's their institution."

Three Pillars

The three pillars for us, for development, are health, education, and economic opportunities. Its really global health in action!

Dr. Jean Pape and his colleagues from GHESKIO and the Haitian Ministry of Health prepare for the arrival of COVID-19 to Haiti. The Ministry of Health’s National Laboratory has been screening suspected cases, and on March 19, 2020, the first two cases were reported in Haiti. GHESKIO is working to establish testing for the virus at its Rodolphe Merieux Laboratory. The laboratory already has capacity to perform real-time PCR and tests for other respiratory viruses. Sandra Apollon Director of the GHESKIO laboratory is leading this effort. GHESKIO is also establishing clinic screening procedures to identify and separate patients with suspected COVID-19 and is also transforming its down-town in-patient facility for COVID care. These efforts are being done in concert with the Haitian Ministry of Health.