Why Haiti


Haiti’s energy, optimism and beauty is often overshadowed by news headlines of the many challenges the country faces.

But the Haitian people are renowned for their courageous spirit. In fact, Haiti was the first country to successfully gain independence through a slave revolt and the second in the Americas to free itself from colonization.

As its citizens continue to fight for justice and freedom, Haiti has weathered political instability, economic challenges and devastating natural disasters, making the population more vulnerable to global health crises, including the HIV/AIDS epidemic.


In 1982, GHESKIO became the world’s first institution dedicated to fighting HIV/AIDS. Directed by and for Haitians, GHESKIO has evolved to become a world-class research, treatment and training center, and one that has matched American institutions with regard to HIV research and treatment.

GHESKIO is a testament to Haitians who are building institutions that are enduring, stable and economically sound. In the words of GHESKIO’s visionary leader, Dr. Jean William Pape, “We did not ask for it, but we got it. And now, we have to do something with it.”

Your gift to GHESKIO will bring health and hope to Haiti, empowering a brighter future for our neighbors.

The Population of Haiti is estimated to be 11.1 million people

GHESKIO’S Adolescent Program has served more than 25,000 young people