Haitian Global Health Alliance Annual Report

HGHA’s 2021 Annual Report is now available online.

Improving Health
Around the World

The Haitian Global Health Alliance’s purpose is to support GHESKIO, a world-class research, treatment, and training facility in Haiti.
GHESKIO has over 100,000 visits annually for voluntary counseling and HIV testing.
GHESKIO is the largest TB center in Haiti which diagnosed approximately 3,000 patients in 2017.
GHESKIO has provided HIV treatment and other adolescent-specific services for over 25,000 adolescents.

Haiti: Cholera-free for three years

Haiti's 2010 cholera outbreak was the worst the world has suffered this century. However, thanks to much dedication, Haiti has not experienced a single case of cholera in three years.   Haiti's Ministry of Health (MOH) led a plan that evolved with the epidemic,...

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