Community Health


Recognizing that the foundation for good health requires more than medical care, GHESKIO provides comprehensive community health and social support services to the residents of the City of God community—an impoverished slum adjacent to GHESKIO where over 100,000 people live on less than $1/day.  Central to the community model is the provision of integrated and comprehensive services including: counseling and testing, screening and treatment for TB and STIs, reproductive health services, ART, and services to prevent mother to child HIV transmission.  Other services include primary school and vocational training, microcredit and nutrition programs, cervical cancer screening and immunizations including HPV and cholera.  

GHESKIO opened a primary school in 2010 for children ages 6-12 whose schools were destroyed in the earthquake.   In addition to the required basic subjects, children receive free meals and health education.  Children also have access to necessary clinical care, clean water, and the ability to spend safe, structured days on the GHESKIO campus.  These opportunities are essential to the healthy and sustainable development of Haiti’s most vulnerable children.

GHESKIO also provides economic development programs for adults.  In 2010, GHESKIO opened a vocational school to train young adults in construction and other trades and began a microcredit program to provide women with small loans to open their own businesses.