Through clinical and operational research, GHESKIO seeks to define treatment and prevention models for HIV/AIDS and related diseases that are appropriate and effective for Haiti.  The main focus of the research is HIV, sexually transmitted infections, and tuberculosis.  The GHESKIO research program has evolved from early observational studies to large clinical trials and its designation as an international research center of excellence.  In 1983, GHESKIO established its initial funding from the National Institutes of Health to define the epidemiology, natural history, risk factors, and associated co-infections of HIV/AIDS.  Since then, GHESKIO’s consistent research productivity has been recognized by uninterrupted support from the National Institutes of Health, a MERIT award in 1990, and twenty new or competitive renewal grants.  GHESKIO also conducts research with support from the World Health Organization and the French Government’s National Agency for AIDS Research.


Research Ethics and the Institutional Review Board

GHESKIO is committed to the ethical conduct of research following the international standards of the Helsinki Declaration.  In 1983, GHESKIO established an Institutional Review Board (IRB) responsible for reviewing the ethics of research protocols.  The IRB has United States Federal Wide Assurance and is registered with the Office for Human Research Protections.  There are nine members of the board, eight of whom are independent from GHESKIO.  With support from the Fogarty International Center, IRB members receive training from the Hastings Center for Bioethics.


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